Rules & regulations

This document describes the rules and regulations of making the product inquiry process via (referred to later as Catalog)  

We at assume that if a buyer decides to place the product inquiry at our shop he understands and accepts our rules and regulations mentioned in this document. 


  1. The service provider at Internet catalog is Euro Klima s.c.  firm located in Warsaw 02-285Szyszkowa 68 st., Poland, NIP (tax identification number) 521-32-27-776
  2. It is possibile to contact the shop at 
  3. Internet site is online catalog with the option to send product inquiries.
  4. Trade information available on the site is not a trade offer as understood by Civil Code; it is rather an invitation and encouragement to purchase the products. 
  5. Actual purchase will be completed via contact with our sales department.
  6. A technical condition necessary to use our service by a buyer is the computer access, internet browser access and internet access.
  7. In order to buy a product or products you need to make the product inquiry process and send us an e-mail with your product inquiry, or make a purchase order by the e-mail address. This constitutes the buy-sell agreement. The agreement will not be valid and realized if the data you provide will be incomplete. 
  8. The guarantee procedure is contained within the producer’s guarantee card. If such does not exist, the buyer has one year guarantee for the product.
  9. A buyer is obliged to pay for the product as a prepayment for shop’s bank account. 

  10. The shipping costs will be calculated. All details will be determined before the final purchase.
  11. The price is binding for both the buyer and the seller at the moment of purchasing. The price of the product does not include shipping const. Your product will be shipped within 1 to 14 days depending on its availability. 

  12. The shop does not bear responsibility for any obstacles in finalizing the agreement that are beyond our control. If the agreement cannot be finalized we will immediately inform the buyer. 

  13. The shop may refuse to accept the buy-sell agreement without giving reasons. 

  14. Your personal data is protected and processed in the scope defined by the “Personal Data Protection Act” from 29.08.1997 r. (Dz.U. Nr 133 poz. 883). We will never sell or share your personal information with any third party, unless federally instructed to do so. 

  15. The catalog reserves the right to change the rules described in this document. 

  16. Civil Code and other common Law rules apply in all cases unregulated by this document.